Sjips Drabble

I wanted to write something about Sjin cross-dressing.


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Hat Films? More like, Light Everything On Fire Films.

confusedlesbiananon: I think I'm developing the crushes based on personality and maybe voice as well, but not really gender so maybe I'm pan? :x

Maybe so, but it doesn’t really matter, friend. Like who you want to like. Whatever YOU want to be, you’re perfect.

Yea his shoelaces with different colors <3 he is the definition of adorkable

Ah yes, adorkable would definitely describe Duncan.

I love Rythian's voice and personality and how deeply immersed he gets into games, Hannah seems just like an awesome and funny person to be around, Kim is cheerful and shares a lot of my obsessions, Lewis is adorable. Just yes. Simon always makes me laugh, Duncan is so quirky and silly, Sjin has a beautiful voice, Zoey is the rainbows and sunshine in my day, Sips is such a nice guy all around. I LOVE THEM ALL.

I’ve never agreed with something so strongly before.

Since this seems to be confess-yogs-crushes-night I'll chime in. I am starting to feel like I'm crushing on some of the male yogscast members which has me utterly confused because I thought I was a lesbian. :S

Hey. No shame in that.  You like what you like. Maybe you’re just slowly realizing you like both, my friend. It kind of happened to me, but who knows? I just hope you’re having a wonderful Yog filled day.

just thought i'd pop my opinion with crushes. they're all super adorable and incredible, however i'm a massive gay baby so my crushes are on kim and hannah and nilesy. kim is so lovely and powerful and her horror game playthroughs are the best. hannah is super dooper adorable and pretty and is so lovely ohmygosh. nilesy (isn't a girl yeah but) is just so loveable and that accent man. that accent.

Fully agree with everything that has been said. 

I have a massive crush on Rythian as his playthroughs of BioShock feature him being so dorky as well as Civ5. He gets so into his Blackrock character that people don't understand he doesn't hate Duncan and Sjin. He is just so awesome and badass, yet so adorable and cute.

That’s exactly how I’d describe him. He acts so big and serious, but behind it all, he’s just a big softie. <3

so many people have a crush on Sjin while Duncan sit in the corner sobbing. shh Duncan its ok I'm here <3

Aww, Duncan will get some love as well. You know what my favorite thing about him is? His shoes with the different colored shoelaces he always wears. I mean, what a dork. <3

biggest crush on sjin, and i love sips and nilesy <3 they're my babes

I was wondering when someone was gonna mention Sips. He’s a dad… He’s a grown man and he’s a dad, but gosh darn it, He’s a babe too. Bless. <3

I love Nilesy and Lyndon. Like sometimes randomly in his videos you'll hear Nilesy talking to Lyndon when he's interrupting the recording, and I think it's cute xD

Lyndon loves to interrupt. Nilesy’s love for cats is super cute. 

Since this seems to be the yogs confession inbox now,. Nilesy, flippin Nilesy man. I swear everything he does is somehow awesome. Halp.

Ha, I guess this is some kind of Yogs confession box now. Yes! Nilesy! That cutie patootie with the voice of an angel! He’s a babe. An absolute babe. 

I also really like Panda. I like his enthusiasm and I think his voice is cute!

Panda is just too adorable for words. His voice is really soothing. I was watching his Tekkit series some time ago. Now that I think about it, I need to catch back up with it. 

I like Sjins voice a lot, but since we are talking about yogs crushes ( I guess it's not really a crush. More of a respect for). I think the first time I was proud of the fact that I want to major in chemistry was when I learned that Lewis studied chemistry. It was kind of cool knowing that one of the people that I look up to was just as big a nerd as I was. Not that the other yogs aren't great, but Lewis has definitely helped me, and one day I'd like to thank him.

That’s awesome, friend. I’ve got a lot of respect for you. Majoring in Chemistry can’t be easy. I wish you all the luck I have, and I hope you do get to thank him someday.

While we're talking about voices, Rythian. Rythian's voice, man. I love it.

It’s like taking a knife and slicing butter. It’s so smooth.