Why'd it take you so long to post a picture, you're ridiculously attractive. Did you just not want to make other people feel bad?


Bullying can really destroy a person’s self-esteem. I didn’t want other people to make me feel bad.

I’ve used this analogy before but I never 100% believed in it, until now I guess, but: You are all shining beautiful diamonds, and you can get thrown through the mud and caked in layers of poop, but that hasn’t removed your beauty at all, it’s just made you blind to it, hidden it away. Once you can break free of that and wipe yourself clean, (or in my case, once you find someone who’s really good at cleaning you up…) you’ll see that you are still that beautiful shining diamond underneath.

I know that actually sounds incredibly cheesy but I really do believe that now, you are all beautiful and no jerk gets to convince you otherwise.

I'm just a random anon, but if I somehow got the chance, I'd love to give you a big hug. You're really lovely, and I think you deserve lots and lots of them. <3

I would hug you so much if I got the chance. I don’t even care who you are because to me, you’re an adorable cutie pie dropping love in my inbox out of nowhere. If I deserve anything, you deserve it even more. Just bless your little heart, Lovely, and thank you. <3

If Sips was trying to shoot Alsmiffy or Trott, he failed miserably. His aiming was so off. It’s hilarious how he tries to run at the last second though. 
Yogslash: Confined

Summary: Sjin and Honeydew find themselves in an unpleasant place. 

Words: 683

Contains Sjips and Honeyphos. 


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Every time Lewis starts spouting information, I brace myself for the impending wave of citations needed. 

Sjin just wants him to stop:


Lewis & Hannah (✿◠‿◠)
You'll believe anything he tells you here, won't you? Whether 
obvious lie or painful truth, he'll always be your most
trusted friend.

Lewis is so cute when he’s laughing too hard.

Turps doesn’t know what he’s saying either. 

heLLO where can i find some transparent yogs for my blog would you know?


i got mine from blackrocksoldier but when i first tried to find them they were untagged and i had to google something like “tumblr blackrocksoldier transparent yogscast” blah blah blah. other than that nothing comes to mind

Sorry about that, Sjinnu. I’m terrible at tagging things sometimes. (^_^;)

Diggy diggy dorks. 

Showed my nephews the new Diggy Diggy Hole song, and the oldest one told me the original version was better. Needless to say, I’ve disowned him.

How they’ve survived so long is beyond me.

Minecraft - Hole Diggers 20 - Operation Lunar Rescue - "Hey, good lookin'. Whatcha got cookin'."
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Simon almost sounded genuinely upset. 

Kim finding penguins in the Twilight Forest is one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed.