Dressing up: Lewis style

Lewis is the king when it comes to bromance. 

Dressing up: Kim style
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They both turn into pirate farmers.

In your gifs of hat films and turps dancing onstage, who runs in to dance in the second one? Your blog is amazing btw

That was Sjin! Just as they were gonna stop dancing, he ran in to dance as well. xD And thank you, lovely. You’re amazing! <3

Strippin’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! 

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"Are you guys best friends?”

"Not after that."

These people can’t be real. 

Hi there :3 *waves* I saw the tag on your latest post and I hope you're feeling better now ^^ *sprinkleshappiness*

Hi there, lovely. Yeah, I’m feeling a bit better now. Maybe not 100% up to speed, but I’m getting there. Thank you for the sprinkles of happiness. I’m gonna sprinkle them on a happy cake. <3

in the gif set you made a little bit ago of hannah, whats the video called from the 3rd gif? i can't find the original video

Yog friendship. (✿◠‿◠)

Yogs mentioning Tumblr. 

Ok, i've looked everywhere and i can't find it. Can you please tell me what video it is where Lewis get his face shoved aside by a lady in a pink cardigan?